July 2012 (87)

Monday, July 30 2012

Xu Da Chun - Traditions oubliées de la médecine chinoise

Wallace William - FMX The Revised Black Book

US Army - Military explosives

US Army - Guide to selected Viet Cong equipment and explosive devices

US Army - Counter Sniper Guide

Uncle Fester - Silent Death

Truby J. David - Zips, pipes, and pens Arsenal of improvised weapons

The Wire Eddie - The complete guide to lock picking

The Ultra Baby

Fiery Dennis - Secrets of a Super Hacker

Sieveking Robert Gene - The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation

Sickler Robert A. - Explosive Principles

Serum Quinton - Praticiens hydrotomie 25.02.2011

Savage Cliff - The Sling for Sport & Survival

Roger Jolly - Making Plastic Explosives from Bleach

Petersen Julie K. - Understanding Surveillance Technologies

Nimble Jack B. - The construction and operation of clandestine drug laboratories

Nerlich Andrew - The History and Philosophy of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Nbk2000 - Explosives and poisons guide

Mashiro N. - Black Medicine The Dark Art Of Death

Loompanics unlimited - 2003 The best book catalog in the world

Long Hei - 21 Techniques of Silent Killing

Lewis Tim - Kitchen improvised fertilizer explosives

Lecker Seymour - Improvised Explosives

Joseph Eddie - Pickpocketing for Magicians

Jagot Paul-Clément - L'influence à distance

Improvised lock picks Police guide to lock picking

Hoy Michael - Loompanics Golden Records

Holmes Bill - Silencers from the Home Workshop

Helm Louis - Anarchy Cookbook 2000

Hayduke George - Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster

Hampton Steven - Secrets of Lock picking

Sunday, July 29 2012

Hammer Carl - Expedient B & E Tactics and techniques for bypassing alarms and defeating locks

Scott Lee - Magician's Arsenal Professional Tricks of the Trade

Saxon Kurt - The Poor Man's James Bond Vol. 2

Green Greg - The Cannabis Grow Bible

Gonzales Jo Jo - Death By Deception Advanced Improvised Booby Traps

Feral Rex - Hit man

Farrel Bic - Backyard rocketry Converting model rockets into explosive missiles

Fairbairn William Ewart - Get Tough ! How to win in hand-to-hand fighting

Ellison D. Hank - Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents

US Army - Daily 16 program

Westheimer Ruth Karola - Sex for dummies

Connor Michael - How to hide anything

Commercial Explosives

CIA field-expedient key casting manual

CIA Explosives for Sabotage Manual

Black Book Companion

Binet Alfred - La Suggestibilité

Benson Ragnar - New and Improved C-4

Benson Ragnar - Homemade Detonators

Benson Ragnar - Homemade C-4 A Recipe for Survival

Benson Ragnar - Home-built Claymore Mines

Saturday, July 28 2012

Knight James - Basic art of fieldcraft

Friday, July 27 2012

Tesla Nikola - Mes Inventions

Marighella Carlos - Manuel de Guerilla Urbaine

Guillet Dominique - Planète Terre Planète désert

Guillet Dominique - Requiem pour nos abeilles

Bryson Christopher - The Fluoride Deception

Brunet Jean-Marc - Dossier Fluor

Dextreit Raymond - La cure végétale

Grebennikov Viktor Stepannovitch - Phénomène naturel d’antigravité et d’invisibilité chez les insectes

Saturday, July 21 2012

Priel Benoît - Retournard Denis - Multipliez toutes les plantes du jardin

Vialard Noémie - Les aromatiques en pots

Les carnets d'astuces de grand-mère 04 2012

Wilson Mélinda - Huiles essentielles

Secrets et astuces de cuisine 02 2012

Cuisine de mamie Numéro 02

Thursday, July 19 2012

Rutten Bas - Big Book of Combat Volume 1

Rutten Bas - Big Book of Combat Volume 2

Bravo Eddie - Jiu-Jitsu unleashed

Wednesday, July 18 2012

Musculation Etirements Stretching - Guide Complet 2006

Demeillés Lucien - Exercices de musculation

Méthode Akelys

Mantovani Cesare - Cours d'Aïkido

Fighter Alex - Soyez votre propre garde du corps

Lee Bruce - Ma Méthode de combat

D'Arpentigny Casimir Stanislas - La science de la main

Tuesday, July 17 2012

Lafay Olivier - Méthode de musculation

Lafay Olivier - Méthode de nutrition

Lafay Olivier - Méthode de musculation Optimisation turbo

Lafay Olivier - Méthode de musculation au féminin

Tuesday, July 10 2012

Von Oech Roger - A Whack on the Side of the Head

Wexley Kenneth N. - Working Scared

Monday, July 9 2012

Simon Olaf Emil - The Law of the Fist

Sunday, July 8 2012

Quinton René - L'eau de mer milieu organique

Quinton René - L'Eau de mer en injections isotoniques sous-cutanées

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