Fiery Dennis - Secrets of a Super Hacker

Author : Fiery Dennis
Title : Secrets of a Super Hacker
Year : 1994

Link download :

Remember the '60s TV show The Prisoner? Created by and starring Patrick McGoohan, this surrealist series was basically a platform for McGoohan to explore his own fears of modem surve-illance/spy technology, behavioral engineering, and society's increasing ability to control people through pacifying pleasures. He was convinced that all this might soon mean the obliteration of the individual (expressed in the defiant opening shout: "I am not a number, I am a free man!"). McGoohan's #6 character became a symbol of the lone individual's right to remain an individual rather than a numbered cog in the chugging machinery of the State. McGoohan, a Luddite to be sure, despised even the TV technology that brought his libertarian tale to the masses. He saw no escape from the mushrooming technoarmed State short of out-and-out violent revolution (it was, after all, the '60s!). As prescient as The Prisoner series proved to be in some regards, McGoohan failed to see how individuals armed with the same tech as their warders could fight back. The #6 character himself comes close to revealing this in a number of episodes, as he uses his will, his ingenuity, and his own spy skills to reroute #2's attempts to rob him of his individuality. One doesn't have to stretch too far to see the connection between The Prisoner and the subject at hand: hacking. With all the social engineering, spy skills, and street tech knowledge that #6 possessed, he lacked one important thing: access to the higher tech that enslaved him and the other hapless village residents. Today's techno-warriors are much better equipped to hack the powers that be for whatever personal, social or political gains. ...

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