Simon Olaf Emil - The Law of the Fist

Author : Simon Olaf Emil
Title : The Law of the Fist Introducing the Moh - Temple - System
Year : 1989

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It is my sincere wish to contribute to the history and culture of our countries. For this reason, I am dedicating this book to each and every individual reading it. In a time when the values in our society are challenged and the glorious history of our past is taken for granted, let us not forget how valuable the gift of peace is- a gift which must be cared for if its value is to remain. Throughout the past century, the United States and Canada have grown up together like two brothers. The common border is ample evidence of a peace-loving people. This border has become the longest unarmed boundary in the entire world, where man may walk free and exchange the precious contributions of his cultures without domination. Let us therefore benefit from the knowledge of the Orient, yet not forget nor cheapen our heritage, which has miraculously created a bond of friendship stronger than those of any other nations, a century of understanding, of love and of peace. - His Holiness The Dalai Seng Shi Grand Master O.E. Simon ...

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