Connor Michael - How to hide anything

Author : Connor Michael
Title : How to hide anything
Year : 1984

Link download :

As GOVERNMENT IMPOSES MORE AND MORE Restrictions on what we can -or, more importantly, can not- own; as the number of burglaries soar; as terrorism by aberration or by design escalates; and as the possibility of anarchy seems doser to home than ever, the need for having a safe space for goods and persons becomes pressing. Here are the guidelines to the design, selection, and construction of hidden storage areas small enough to hide cash and jewelry and large enough to conceal armaments and ammunitions or, in the extreme, a family. Before you begin lifting floorboards and hollowing walls, you must first define what types of goods you will be concealing from whom. How much forewarning will you require to utilize the space-a knock at the door or a news bulletin that the country has gone to war? Do you expect to be searched by authorities possessing the latest in detection training and deviees, by roving renegades, or by a team of professional burglars? And how much time and money do you want to spend preparing your safe spaces? All these questions must be considered first. Then you will able to adapt the designs in this book for almost any budget, structure, and need. ...

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