Sieveking Robert Gene - The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation

Author : Sieveking Robert Gene
Title : The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation
Year : 1988

Link download :

Bob Sieveking bas completed an amazing task in writing this book on Manipulation. He bas taken a complicated subject and he bas broken it down and organized it into many steps which you may learn one step at a time. This may sound like an easy thing to accomplish. However, when considering a subject as complex as this one, the job of teaching becomes ail the more difficult. Yet the result of the author's labor is a book which is virtually a complete course on Manipulation. One would ne ver expect to learn a subject just by paging through a book on the topic. For example, even an excellent book on French will not help you to speak French unless you practice and work hard. But if you exert yourself, follow the author's instructions, and practice, practice, practice ... you will learn to manipulate combination locks. Taking an actual course will upgrade your skills even further. As Editor and Publisher of The National Locksmith magazine, my work is centered on bringing information to the locksmith that will help you learn new skills. Locksmithing is becoming more and more a service-related industry. Therefore, it behooves the locksmith to have as many security-related skills as humanly possible. This makes your business more complete and will help you make more money in your career. Learning skills like Manipulation will help insure that you do not have to refer these caUs away to other craftsmen. Th us y our eus tomer cornes to understand th at he can cali y ou for service whenever he bas a security problem. The National Locksmith magazine publishes a line of books and manuals written by locksmiths for other locksmiths. This is such a book. Contained in this manual are techniques thal have been passed from generation to generation of locksmiths. Be sure to use caution when storing this book. Guard it carefully to be sure that is does not fall into the wrong bands. I urge you to continue your quest for knowledge and understanding of the locksmith trade. Of course, you should subscribe to The National Locksmith. lt is a very easy way to leam many new techniques and important information. I would like to thank Bob Sieveking for his good work in writing this book. We believe that combination loclcs will play an important role in security for many, many years to come. Therefore, locksmiths will be referring to this book on Manipulation for generations to come. I am proud to have played a part in its publication. The au thor is to be highly commended. And y ou, the reader, are to be commended also ... for seeking to upgrade your skills. Congratulations. Marc Goldberg. Editor / Publisher. ...

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