Improvised lock picks Police guide to lock picking

Author : Anonymous
Title : Improvised lock picks Police guide to lock picking
Year : 2000

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From regular law enforcement to security guards - from gun shop owners to alarm installers - all are expected to know the answers to the general public's questions about physical security. With all that has been published in the last few security conscious years most everyone knows the virtues of a dead- bolt latch versus a spring bolt latch; the vulnerability of a sliding arcadia door, casement windows, and exposed hinge pins; the need for security chains & peep holes on front doors, etc. Most all people concerned are well advised and knowledgeable in most of these "standard" areas of physical security. However, the subject of "lockpicking", "lockpicks", and pickproof locks" affords a large grey area of confusion and misinformation. Misled by TV detective & spy shows, where the hero or villain as the case may be is able to pick his way, usually with only one hand, through about any "locked in" or "locked out" situation and also by manufacturers seeking to promote their latest "pickproof cylinder", the average person is prone to. consider "lockpicking" as a standard modus operandi for any would be burglar. The purpose of this book is to shed light on the subject of lockpicking and better equip the reader to make the proper decisions concerning physical security. There will be those who will consider publishing this book as a contribution to the training of potential criminals. Those so naive may rest assured that any among us possessing larcenous intent already know this subject well, if lockpicking happens to be a needed skill. ...

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