CIA Explosives for Sabotage Manual

Author : Paladin Press
Title : CIA Explosives for Sabotage Manual
Year : 1987

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For quite a few years now, considerable amounts of time, effort, and money have been expended on improving older sabotage deviees and accessory gear and in developing new and better items. As a result, a wide variety of manufactured explosive and incendiary items is available for use. At the same time a somewhat smaller effort has been devoted to improvising and testing homemade or field expedient deviees and techniques for accomplishing similar results. Since the manufactured, precision deviees almost always will be more effective, more reliable, and easier to use, why spend time on improvising field expedients to do the job? For one thing, shelf items will just not be available for certain operations for security or logistical reasons. In these cases the operator will have to rely on materials he can buy in a drug or paint store, find in a junk pile, or scrounge from military stocks. Secondly, many of the ingredients and materials used in fabricating homemade items are so commonplace or innocuous they can be carried without arousing suspicion. The completed item itself often is more easily concealed or camouflaged. In addition, the field expedient item can be tailored for the intended target, thereby providing an advantage over the standard item in flexibility and versatility. While most of the pertinent i:g,formation on sabotage shelf items is available in catalogues and ether publications, much of the improvisation know-how has remained in the minds or files of a few individuals. It is the intent of this manual to consolidate and bring up to date a selected body of this information and make it available for wider use. The deviees and techniques included have been selected becaus.e they have been well proved out and because they are practical, versatile, and not too difficult to do. Other techniques have been omitted because they are too unreliable or are just too hazardous to attempt except under the most carefully controlled conditions. The techniques described are not so complex as to require a chemicallaboratory or machine shop; however, many of them do assume access to basic demolitions and incendiary supplies, such as explosives, time (safety) fuse, detonating cord, blasting caps, and flammable materials, and to a few household tools. This manual is not intended to stand completely on its own as a substitute for instruction, nor is it a text on basic demolitions. Its chief value should be to aid an instructor who already has a working knowledge of the subject in his training of action personnel. It also will serve· as a refresher and guide to individuals who have been trained in these techniques but whose facility has declined from disuse. ...

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