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vendredi, mai 8 2020

Tenney Davis - The chemistry of powder and explosives

Author : Tenney Davis L. Title : The chemistry of powder and explosives Year : 1943 Link download : Chapter 1. Properties of explosives. Definition. An explosive is a material, either a pure single substance or a mixture of substances, which  […]

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jeudi, mai 7 2020

Murtz Harold - The gun digest book of exploded gun drawings

Author : Murtz Harold A. Title : The gun digest book of exploded gun drawings 975 isometrics views Handguns Shotguns Rifles Year : 2005 Link download : Acknowledgments. We wish to give special thanks to the following individuals,  […]

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samedi, avril 18 2020

Liu Jiping - Liquid explosives

Author : Liu Jiping Title : Liquid explosives Year : 2014 Link download : Preface. As the first book on Liquid Explosives, this book, covering part of the author’s achievements on energetic materials in the past about half a century, presents the results of a wide  […]

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vendredi, avril 17 2020

Ledgard Jared - The preparatory manual of explosives

Author : Ledgard Jared Title : The preparatory manual of explosives A laboratory manual Year : 2002 Link download : Introduction: a quick lesson in chemistry. Chapter 1 : Introduction to chemistry. The Preparatory Manual of Explosives has  […]

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samedi, avril 11 2020

Klapötke Thomas Matthias - Chemistry of high-energy materials

Author : Klapötke Thomas Matthias Title : Chemistry of high-energy materials Year : 2017 Link download : Preface to the first German edition. This book is based on a lecture course which has been given by the author for more than 10  […]

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lundi, avril 6 2020

Meyer Rudolf - Explosives

Authors : Meyer Rudolf - Köhler Josef - Homburg Axel Title : Explosives Sixth, completely revised edition Year : 1977 Link download : Preface. The sixth English edition of “Explosives” which is now available can look back over a history of 30 years since it was first  […]

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dimanche, avril 5 2020

Agrawal Jai Prakash - Organic chemistry of explosives

Author : Agrawal Jai Prakash Title : Organic chemistry of explosives Year : 2007 Link download : Foreword. In the past a significant amount of research worldwide was directed at the synthesis of new energetic compounds as potential  […]

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mardi, janvier 28 2020

Hrisoulas Jim - The master bladesmith

Author : Hrisoulas Jim Title : The master bladesmith Advanced studies in steel Year : 1991 Link download : Preface. The study of bladesmithing can be rewarding and somewhat frustrating. Most of the information available today is meant for the novice  […]

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Hrisoulas Jim - The complete bladesmith

Author : Hrisoulas Jim Title : The complete bladesmith Forging your way to perfection Year : 1987 Link download : Foreword. The Complete Bladesmith is a result of over seventeen years' experience in forging blades. There are no "secrets" to  […]

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mercredi, août 7 2019

Kendo handbook

Author : Oregon State University Kendo Club Title : Kendo handbook Year : * Link download : The Concept of Kendo. The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (sword). The Purpose of Practicing Kendo The purpose  […]

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