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lundi, octobre 5 2020

Fujita Seiko - Shuriken

Author : Fujita Seiko Title : Shuriken An illustrated guide Year : 19** Link download : Duel between Shuriken and a folding fan. Fujita Seiko copy of an illustration from Hokusai 's Manga Guide to Martial Arts, published in 1814. ...  […]

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vendredi, mai 8 2020

Tenney Davis - The chemistry of powder and explosives

Author : Tenney Davis L. Title : The chemistry of powder and explosives Year : 1943 Link download : Chapter 1. Properties of explosives. Definition. An explosive is a material, either a pure single substance or a mixture of substances, which  […]

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jeudi, mai 7 2020

Murtz Harold - The gun digest book of exploded gun drawings

Author : Murtz Harold A. Title : The gun digest book of exploded gun drawings 975 isometrics views Handguns Shotguns Rifles Year : 2005 Link download : Acknowledgments. We wish to give special thanks to the following individuals,  […]

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samedi, avril 18 2020

Liu Jiping - Liquid explosives

Author : Liu Jiping Title : Liquid explosives Year : 2014 Link download : Preface. As the first book on Liquid Explosives, this book, covering part of the author’s achievements on energetic materials in the past about half a century, presents the results of a wide  […]

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vendredi, avril 17 2020

Ledgard Jared - The preparatory manual of explosives

Author : Ledgard Jared Title : The preparatory manual of explosives A laboratory manual Year : 2002 Link download : Introduction: a quick lesson in chemistry. Chapter 1 : Introduction to chemistry. The Preparatory Manual of Explosives has  […]

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samedi, avril 11 2020

Klapötke Thomas Matthias - Chemistry of high-energy materials

Author : Klapötke Thomas Matthias Title : Chemistry of high-energy materials Year : 2017 Link download : Preface to the first German edition. This book is based on a lecture course which has been given by the author for more than 10  […]

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lundi, avril 6 2020

Meyer Rudolf - Explosives

Authors : Meyer Rudolf - Köhler Josef - Homburg Axel Title : Explosives Sixth, completely revised edition Year : 1977 Link download : Preface. The sixth English edition of “Explosives” which is now available can look back over a history of 30 years since it was first  […]

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dimanche, avril 5 2020

Agrawal Jai Prakash - Organic chemistry of explosives

Author : Agrawal Jai Prakash Title : Organic chemistry of explosives Year : 2007 Link download : Foreword. In the past a significant amount of research worldwide was directed at the synthesis of new energetic compounds as potential  […]

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mardi, janvier 28 2020

Hrisoulas Jim - The master bladesmith

Author : Hrisoulas Jim Title : The master bladesmith Advanced studies in steel Year : 1991 Link download : Preface. The study of bladesmithing can be rewarding and somewhat frustrating. Most of the information available today is meant for the novice  […]

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Hrisoulas Jim - The complete bladesmith

Author : Hrisoulas Jim Title : The complete bladesmith Forging your way to perfection Year : 1987 Link download : Foreword. The Complete Bladesmith is a result of over seventeen years' experience in forging blades. There are no "secrets" to  […]

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