Lewis Tim - Kitchen improvised fertilizer explosives

Author : Lewis Tim
Title : Kitchen improvised fertilizer explosives
Year : 1985

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The U.S. standard of living is falling slowly. At the bottom of this fall are countries like Kenya and Pakistan. The youth of America is not interested in bettering themselves and their country, but just in partying and having a good time. What they don't realize is that this advancement of our culture is necessary. Time after time I have heard them say, "But I CAN'T" There is not such thing as can't. Instead what they mean is they won't. Quite a difference in my book. It saddens me greatly to see this. I will partly put the blame on our educational system. Of course, the American people should receive the bulk of the blame. This should also be placed on the parents of Americans, as they let themselves and their kids be brainwashed on T.V. I personally know I have never learned anything of real value on T.V. that can't be thought of off hand. Every day we see liberal programming on the "tube" with a one sided slant. I don't believe the people should allow themselves to be brainwashed. With the advent of subliminals and their use on T.V. (yes, they use them today on most commercials contrary to popular belief) proves the desire of a few to control the populace. Stupid people (brainwashed) or people sheltered from reality as in the U.S.S.R. are the easiest to control. They can do this. Reams of government research on the subject of control of minds have been carried out. IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S. YOUR MIND IS YOURS TO ENJOY AND USE, NOT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO GET INSIDE OF AND CONTROL. THIS IS THE WORST TYPE OF THEFT !! ...

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