The Wire Eddie - The complete guide to lock picking

Author : The Wire Eddie
Title : The complete guide to lock picking
Year : 1981

Link download :

When Eddie the Wire was twelve his dad gave him three padlocks and no keys. The resulting frustration of a twelve year old led to Eddie' s earl y interest in escape artists, locks, and picks. ln 1975 Eddie established his shop, talking with other specialists, reading, and building tools in his spare time. His first work "HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL LOCK TOOLS" Volume 1, detailed techniques of producing picks and tools of better than manufactured quality at low cast and easy availability. Only about 5% of that previous material is covered here (you wouldn't want to pay for something twice, would you?), so a copy to complement this manual is a good idea. Anyway, as a result of the popularity of that book, Eddie agreed to open his files and workshop to assemble a comprehensive book on the techniques of lock bypass, and that is what he has clone. Enjoy! Note: it sometimes happens in the field that someone publishes a book or film that is very good, then !ures you back in with a schlock son of blank, or a blank two, or a retum of blank. Not so with this book, all of the material is new, mu ch not avaiJable elsewhere, and all good. ...

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