W. Michael - The Dating Wizard Secrets to Success with Women

Author : W. Michael
Title : The Dating Wizard Secrets to Success with Women
Year : 2003

Link download :

The source of your success with beautiful women rests deep within you. It is the natural primal male mindset you were born with, but now lies buried beneath abundant layers of misguided social conditioning. Right now, at this very moment, you already possess the correct understanding of what turns women “on”. You’ve just been made to think that your understanding is incorrect. As I awaken this long-dormant, crucial dimension of yourself, you will begin to not only attract beautiful women, but you will also have continued success with them on every level. I mean every level- whether it’s a one night stand, dating, a relationship, or marriage. The most important effect of awakening your natural male self will be that women will simply find themselves irresistibly attracted to you. And when a woman is attracted to you, you don’t have to worry about anything else. She will treat you right. And if she is not attracted to you, nothing else on this planet will make one bit of difference- she will treat you like dirt. I will show you later in this book “the motions” that are involved in actually going up to a woman and getting her email or phone number, or in asking her out, etc. I will show you all that stuff. But to be perfectly honest with you, that stuff is really the easy stuff. And it doesn’t mean much, unless you understand how to truly trigger her desire for you. If you just learn “the motions” without truly FEELING and KNOWING what it is to be your natural male self, you will find yourself encountering resistance, obstacles, and disrespect from women very quickly after you get their number, or after you get the first date, etc. ...

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