Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Attracting Women

Author : Wayne Ross
Title : The Complete Guide To Attracting Women
Year : 2001

Link download :

The "Secret" To Meeting Beautiful Women I spent the next nine months interviewing both men and women and how they met each other in bars. I spent the first six months talking to guys and the most unusual methods they used to meet girls in bars. I picked the guys who I saw week after week with the most beautiful girls. They were very helpful, I merely told them I was writing a book and needed their help. I ended up with about thirty different methods of meeting women. I spent the following three months talking to girls and finding out which of the thirty methods would work best in meeting them. You would be surprised at how many good looking girls will talk to a guy when they think he is writing a book on how to meet them. The girls picked the best five methods out of the thirty that would work with them. This is what I will tell you in this manual, the very best five methods of meeting girls in the singles bars. There are two secrets to meeting beautiful women and without them the best methods in the world will not work. These are the right attitude and being unique in your approach. Being unique may draw all kinds of girls to you but you must have the proper attitude to hold on to them. These are so important I will cover them in detail right now. ATTITUDE - This is the most important quality you can possess to be successful with women. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare with a superior attitude. You can be the best looking guy in the world, but without a good attitude very few women will end up in your arms. Let me tell you how it helped me. When I first got divorced twelve years ago, I was a complete washout with women for years. As I told you I met many girls through personal ads but only learned how to keep them after one of the girls I met told me the following: "Wayne, you're a very nice guy but if you want to meet and hold a lot of women you have to change your attitude. Women do not want a guy who is weak and unsure of himself. They want someone who is strong and self-confident. Be a little hard to get, a little casual and sly but also be tender and caring. Know you can do it and you will have hundreds of women." Well, from that day on I decided to become an expert on meeting and dating women. I did and you will benefit from my know how and experience because every method or system I learn about meeting women I will pass on to my readers. I wrote two manuals on personal ads and am an expert on meeting women through personals. ...

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