Vitalio Dererk - The 3 Master Keys To Pick-up Lines

Author : Vitalio Derek
Title : The 3 Master Keys To Pick-up Lines
Year : 2002

Link download :

The 3 Master Keys To Pick-up Lines. Pick-up Line Master Key #1: The Observation Observation involves commenting on something in the immediate environment, also known as “pacing” your situation. A pacing comment draws her attention to what you're commenting on, which becomes a shared experience for both of you. Using 2 or 3 "pacing" comments is enough to get her going in the direction of accepting your whatever you say as true. You can also comment on things you notice about her. Observations about her aura, her energy, or how she conducts herself all work great. If she starts to open up and talk, great! But if you still have some softening up to do, follow up with: Pick-up Line Master Key #2: The Question. Asking her a question is the key to her mind and body. Asking her a question tells her that, You are curious about HER as a person. You're not interested in just her body. (even if you are!) You are a guy that notices things that 99% of other guys are oblivious to. Well thought out questions about HER make your market value go up EXPONENTIALLY! When you ask her a question, LISTEN to her answers. If you can get naturally curious about something that she's sharing with you, it leads to you to asking even better questions that open her up even deeper. Now, be careful, because this is NOT an interview. And don’t ask any dreaded “Yes/No” questions unless you are hell-bent on sinking yourself. You are conversing with her... listen... ask... comment... listen… and ask again. The best kinds of questions you eventually want to ask are the ones having to do with her passions, what she enjoys, and what is important to her. As she talks about these three things, she’ll have different states and feelings based on what you’re asking like connection, happiness, comfort, or even horniness. These states and feelings can be very intense for her. So by virtue of you talking about these things with her, you AUTOMATICALLY become a very special and sexy guy in her eyes! ...

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