Wilcock David - The Science of Oneness

Author : Wilcock David
Title : The Science of Oneness
Year : 2006

Link download : Wilcock_David_-_The_Science_of_Oneness.zip

What if everything you thought you knew about science, and its connection to spirituality, was wrong? What if you woke up one day to discover that the entire nature and structure of the Universe had actually eluded all of mainstream science up until that moment? Could such a thing be possible? How confident do you feel in the idea that atoms are made up of particles? Are you aware that even the most basic quantum physics is littered with solid experimental findings that totally defeat this idea and have heretofore defied all attempts at explanation? That the entire quantum realm of atoms and molecules can be built up from electromagnetic fields displaying simple properties of movement and geometry? When someone mentions “higher dimensions,” how much do you truly understand about what they are, where they are, and how they work? Do you have any idea about how they can intersect with our own reality? Have you ever studied Chaos theory and fractals? Did you know that scientists have proven that apparently random or “chaotic” events, both in space and in time, are being “organized” by complex geometric patterns known as fractals? That the behavior of both weather processes and living creatures, including human beings, can be mapped by these fractals? That the fractals themselves can only be constructed by blending our typical positive and negative numbers with an axis of numbers that is “imaginary” or outside of our perceivable mathematical reality? Has anyone truly explained why or how these principles are occurring? When you see the reports of UFO sightings, are you puzzled as to how anything could defy gravity and make such sudden movements without destroying any living being inside? Do you discount the possibility that “they” could have visited us because of a belief that no mass can exceed the velocity of “c”, the speed of light? Was it a natural mistake for Einstein to assume that light couldn’t travel faster than “c” if it was believed to be traveling through total empty space, free of any type of energy? If there is a tangible energy in space, then what would happen if light traveled through an area of “thinner” energy, vibrating at a higher frequency than the thickness of the energy that now surrounds us? Do you remember reading about experiments in 2000 that have demonstrated velocities up to 300 times faster than the speed of light? Do you believe that we have to burn something to get energy? Have you ever heard of, or given any consideration to, the idea that limitless free energy can be harnessed from “empty” space? Are you aware that simply rotating a magnetic gyroscope can create free energy and anti-gravity effects at the same time? Did you believe the mainstream media when the science of “cold fusion” was laughed at because it “violated the laws of chemistry and physics?” Are you aware that literally thousands of documented experiments are on record that have proven this effect since its discovery in the late 1980’s? Have you ever studied “sacred geometry?” Are you aware that the bodies of all living creatures must grow by these proportions? Did you know that these geometries are “harmonic,” meaning that they have all the same mathematical and vibrational properties as music and color? Could it be possible that this unseen harmonic energy is structuring all of physical space, including the spacings of the stars and planets and even the precise arrangement of continents on Planet Earth? Might these same forces also exist in time, exerting a powerful effect on the behavior of human beings that can be concretely mapped out in the movement of financial markets? If you know something about quantum physics, are you aware that the previously-undiscovered blueprints of this same harmonic geometry can be revealed in Planck’s constant, the electromagnetic wave, the fine structure constant, the ratio of weak to strong force, the photon, the electron, valence bonds, isotopes and more? That the atom can be built up entirely as a particle-free grouping of geometrically structured energy? That things such as the “spin” of quarks and electrons are actually showing us that these energies are traveling through a geometric matrix that underlies and forms all of our physical existence? That this geometry of space might explain the mysterious property known as “torsion” which means that “particles” traveling through “empty space” are forced to rotate as they travel? Do you believe that there was a Big Bang, that “nothing” could explode to create the Universe? Are you aware that this theory is on its last legs, propped up with an ever-increasing number of excuses and assumptions and ready to collapse? Did you ever hear of the solid scientific evidence that can prove that the entire Universe looks exactly like a gigantic galaxy, complete with spiraling arms composed of galactic superclusters with very little in between them? If the entire Universe has one fixed axis of rotation that can be calculated and measured, what does this do to relativity theory? Would this not be as important a discovery as seeing the Sun at the center of the Solar System, since Einstein’s relativity theory asserts that “all motion is relative, and there is no stable, fixed place in the Universe” to measure motion from? What would this do to our ideas of time as well, since time is also believed to be relative by the same logic? On a much more personal level, do you believe that every thought and influence in your mind is solely being created from within your own mind? Have you ever considered the idea that your consciousness is constantly being affected by forces outside of your own mind, body and physical surroundings? Are you ready to survey the solid, factual information that will show you, possibly for the first time, that not all of your thoughts and actions are being dictated solely by your own conscious mind? That unseen cosmic forces can influence your state of mind quite directly? That these forces actually have precise geometric structures that have been mapped and analyzed, and whose effects can be predicted well in advance? Do you believe that through philosophies and theories such as Laplace’s “Logical Positivism” that science has “proven that God does not exist?” Are you prepared to view a concrete scientific case that an Ultimate Conscious Being does exist after all? ...

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