Valizadeh Daryush - Don't bang Latvia

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Don't bang Latvia
Year : 2012

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Welcome To Latvia. When you think about Latvia you probably imagine a sea of blonde women. The country’s yearly Blonde Parade is now a major tourist destination, with photos of smiling blondes being shared on various Internet sites. It suggests that Latvia must be a country of unlimited blondes and beauty. The Blonde Parade hype reminds me of the half-naked pictures of Brazilian women dancing atop floats during Brazil’s Carnival. Those photos want you to assume that Brazilian women walk around the street with their breasts exposed, ready to throw themselves on any foreign man who dares to take a risk and visit the country. The Blonde Parade would have you thinking that there is a surplus of blonde Latvian women who want to leave their godforsaken country for a strapping American man. Neither reflects reality. The truth is that most Latvian women aren’t even blonde - they’re brunette. There isn’t a surplus of women compared to men until you get up in age to the 30s and 40s. Most disappointing of all, foreign men are actually seen as beneath the local men, for reasons this guide will explain. Latvia is one of those places that used to be good, but is now forever ruined thanks to millions of sex tourists who arrived on Ryanair flights from England, Spain, Italy, and the Middle East. I’ve lived in places notorious for sex tourists, like Rio and Medellin, but in Riga the sheer amount of them blew those cities away, to the point where I can’t recommend you visit Latvia. The only exception is if you have a lot of time and want to complete the Baltic sweep of getting all three of your flags from the region (Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania). I advise for a standard two-week trip to get your flag, though it is possible to do it in one week if you pipeline heavily on Internet sites. The top-tier Latvian girls are extremely hard to crack, so odds are your Latvian flag will be a 6 or below. I actually recommend you stick in the 6 range for flag purposes because of how much easier they are to bang compared to girls of higher caliber. ...

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