Valizadeh Daryush - Roosh's Argentina compendium

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Roosh's Argentina compendium
Year : 2011

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Preface. I quickly fell in love with Argentine women only to fall quickly out of love. I can’t deny their feminine allure - their long, dark hair, their cute, mouse-like faces, and their thin but curvaceous bodies, but trying to get them in bed has perplexed me and thousands of other American gringos. With my extensive examination of the women I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface, and I remain frustrated at how standard game theory hasn’t provided me with answers that lead to consistent success. Truth is the women are beautiful but exceptionally hard. I believe they are one of the toughest nationalities in the world to lay, behind Spanish and Italian women. It’s no accident that Argentines come predominately from Spanish and Italian blood, and the personality similarities can be eerie even though they are separated by the vast Atlantic Ocean. The best advice I can give you is to visit Argentina primarily not for the women but for the travel experience. Visit for Iguazu Falls, Mendoza’s wine country, Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Spanish schooling, or the quaint colonial towns and fun cities like Salta and Cordoba. If you go only for the women, you will be disappointed. Nonetheless, this guide will get your foot in the door. You’ll have a rudimentary attack strategy before you even arrive while most guys are holding back tears on the flight home. Getting your Argentine flag will be your ultimate challenge, and if you can get laid in Argentina then I’m confident you can get laid anywhere. After your trip, please share your pieces of wisdom and advice by posting your story on my travel forum ( If you are unsure about the game basics like approaching, maintaining conversations, or sealing the deal, I recommend my book Bang (, a pickup reference guide that I consider the “bible” of game. ...

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