Stevenson Ian - European cases of the reincarnation type

Author : Stevenson Ian
Title : European cases of the reincarnation type
Year : 2001

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Preface. In writing this book I have had three purposes. First, I wanted to show that cases suggestive of reincarnation occur in Europe. By presenting reports of some much older cases- ones that I did not investigate myself- I am also able to show that cases of this type occurred in the first half of the 20th century. Nearly all the cases that I have studied and reported in previous publications occurred in Asia, West Africa, and among the tribes of northwest North America; and nearly all the inhabitants of these areas believe in reincarnation. Only a minority of Europeans do so. Although I can show that cases occur in Europe, they seem to be proportionately rarer there than in the other regions just mentioned, where I have found an abundance of cases ever since I began investigating them. In fact, we do not know whether the cases occur less often in Europe than in Asia or are only reported less often in Europe; both these possibilities may be true. Second, I think some of the cases here reported show features similar to those of cases that I have previously investigated in Asia. These are principally: a very young age of the child's first speaking about a previous life; a forgetting of the claimed memories in middle childhood; a high incidence of violent death in the lives seemingly remembered; and frequently a reference to the mode of death in the subject's statements. Similarly, the European subjects often show behavior that is unusual for their family and that accords with the subject's statements about the previous life. Third, I believe that at least some of the cases of this volume provide evidence of a paranormal process. By this I mean that we cannot explain some of the subject's statements or unusual behavior by normal means of communication. For these, reincarnation becomes a plausible interpretation, although- as I have never ceased to assert- it is not the only one. ...

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