Stevenson Ian - Children who remember previous lives

Author : Stevenson Ian
Title : Children who remember previous lives A question of reincarnation
Year : 2001

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Preface to the Revised Edition. Happy is the author who can claim advances in his subject when he revises a book written only a little more than a decade earlier. I claim such happiness for several reasons. The first advance derives from the publication of replication studies. Until the 1980s I worked almost alone on the investigation of the children who claim to remember previous lives. I had the blessing of unusually competent and diligent interpreters and assistants, but they could not conduct and publish independent investigations. Soon after the publication of the first edition of this work other investigators began to publish reports of these cases independently of me. More than that, in different ways these new investigators have undertaken imaginative projects that have advanced the research beyond what I accomplished. Much of the additional text and many of the added references in this edition derive from their work. I am thinking here (in alphabetical order) of Erlendur Haraldsson, Ji.irgen Keil, Antonia Mills, Satwant Pasricha, and Jim Tucker. As they have traveled more, I have traveled less. I have slowed my own investigations to spare time for writing. I investigated the cases that I summarize in chapter 4 many years ago. This is true even of the two cases that I added to the twelve included in the first edition of this work. I advise readers who wish to study reports of recently investigated cases to study the publications of my colleagues. ...

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