Rich Grant Jewell - Massage therapy

Author : Rich Grant Jewell
Title : Massage therapy The evidence for practice
Year : 2002

Link download :

Foreword. Massaxe Therapy : The Evidence for Practice is an important volume because it deepens and broadens our awareness of the nascent scientific investigation of therapeutic massage. By collecting these papers into one volume, the editor and authors provide a starting point for conversationsconversations within the therapeutic massage community, conversations within the health sciences and research community, and, most importantly, conversations between those two groups. Only good can come from this. Therapeutic massage is at once one of the oldest of the healing modalities, and simultaneously one of the least studied. In itself this discrepancy is simply an interesting observation likely to prompt speculation. Maybe there has been relatively little research on it because it is so familiar to us. After all, didn't most of our mothers rub our bumps and bruises when we were little? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that rubbing helps. Perhaps also because rubbing sore bits and giving backrubs is something we can all do, it is easy to dismiss massage as a household remedy, not 'real medicine' and therefore not likely to be very powerful. Of course it helps, but just a little. ...

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