Miller Jeffrey M. - Ninpo Mastery 101

Author : Miller Jeffrey M.
Title : Ninpo Mastery 101 Short But Important Lessons for Training the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Year : 2011

Link download :

If you're looking to get the most out of your ninja training, and you want your ninjutsu techniques to be as powerful, effective, and efficient as possible, then you cannot rely on only one type of training. Mastery in ninjutsu, as in any other endeavor, should be more about skill proficiency, then merely collecting a lot of techniques. The focus of this section is to explore several "types" of training that, together, serve to produce the kind of power and effectiveness that you want in your ninjutsu techniques - whether we're talking about unarmed self-defense skills, or with any of your ninja weapons,. In fact, I'll be outlining four areas of training that will each provide certain benefits that the others just do not. When training in ninjutsu, especially if your focus is centered on real self-protection and actually producing real results in the world - as opposed to just learning some cool Ninja moves and earning a Black Belt for that learning - then your training must reflect that intention. In other words, "how" you train, is determined by "what" you want from your Ninja training in the first place! When training for Mastery with your ninjutsu techniques, you can adjust your training so that the focus is on moment-to-moment awareness, decision-making under pressure, technique accuracy, etc. In addition, certain elements and movements can be separated and isolated so that just these things can be worked on for a higher degree of expertise. For our purposes here, I will be confining my discussion to just an overview of 4 specific training areas that can give you greater and greater skill levels and a much higher ability to effectively handle and control a dangerous situation with each of your ninjutsu techniques. Ninja training is unlike any other martial art or conventional self-defense program because of the sheer number of skills, ninjutsu techniques, and ninja weapons, tactics, and strategies contained within this powerful system. So, it is much more productive to look at training areas, rather than simply focus on given techniques or kata ('prearranged examples for successfully resolving a fight or attack situation'). Here is a basic outline of the four training areas, or types of training, that I give to my own personal students - in order to give them the greatest chance for reaching the level of proficiency possible with their ninjutsu techniques. Please note that the following list is not in order of importance. Each area should be seen much like a pillar holding up the roof of a fortress or castle. ...

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