Lifeskills lartial arts - Complete Shodan Manual

Author : Lifeskills lartial arts
Title : Complete Shodan Manual
Year : 2012

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This is the basic study and informative guide for becoming a shodan at Lifeskills Martial Arts. This information contained herein, and continuing into the other manuals has been assembled from Ten Chi Jin No Maki, the Book of Heaven, Earth, and Man. This set of books is also know as the Shidoshi Scrolls and is given to all Shidoshi at the level of Godan by Hatsumi Soke. Each level of training will take on a general focus along with specific tools that will be assimilated at that level. The focus of our Shodan training for the beginner’s level is defense and basic survival of an attack. You will be trained to receive an opponent’s attack without being injured and the ability to escape. You will study the methods of ukemi (ground hitting) for when you are thrown or falling towards the ground, (fending off hand and leg strikes). You will develop the skills and the ability to smoothly get out of the way. The strategy for this ability is the quality footwork, timing, and distancing. With your new level of mobility it should be quite easy to counter attack or flee the encounter/crisis. Remember there are many forms of danger other than an attacker’s fist heading your way. Our ninja training is danger recognition and defense in all forms, be it physical or mental, survival is our primary goal. You will start with our Shodan level of training in basics punching, kicking, timing, distance, footwork, posture, utilization of natural power sources, basic chokes, throws and locks, correct use of the legs for defense, and the history and tradition of our lineage. ...

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