Mayhem Jonny - Prepper's underground guide to improvised weapons !

Author : Mayhem Jonny
Title : Prepper's underground guide to improvised weapons ! How to protect yourself without a firearm using everyday items !
Year : 2012

Link download :

Why Impact Weapons ? It's important to understand different types of weapons are used for different functions. Impact weapons break things like bones and cartilage. Edged weapons cut things or give added focus to the edge. This could range from a butcher knife, ax or machete to a sharpened credit card or anything in between. Pointed weapons pierce or puncture things. Flexible weapons provide added velocity, and can be used to whip or to entangle. Hybrid weapons provide a combination of one or more of these uses. Most of this book deals with impact weapons although we will cross over a bit into flexible weapons. For example striking someone with a piece of chain could classify it as an impact weapon. But it could also be used to wrap, trap or entangle an arm making it a flexible weapon as well. There is a reason we will focus on impact weapons. It is easier for the average person to strike someone in self defense with an impact weapon than it is to stab or cut someone. It takes a different mindset to be able to stick someone with a knife or stab someone with a pen. Unless you've been trained in Special Forces, are a convict or psychopath, cutting and slashing is the real "wet work" of personal protection, which most people just aren't capable of doing. There is a real problem of disease being spread by contact with blood and other bodily fluids. For that reason, personally I'd prefer my attacker's blood stay in him, which is more likely if I use an impact weapon on him, and not get splashed all over me if he gets cut by an edged or pointed weapon. But because we could be talking worst case scenario, and you may be forced to defend yourself with whatever you can get your hands on, we will discuss improvised edged and pointed weapons. Even if you choose not to use this type of weapon yourself, at least you'll have a little better understanding of how these types of weapons can be used against you. ...

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