Crompton Paul - T'Ai Chi combat

Author : Crompton Paul
Title : T'Ai Chi combat
Year : 1990

Link download :

It is four years since my first book on Tai Chi appeared and one year since my second. With this third book a kind of journey that lasted about twenty-five years has been completed. All three books could be read within a matter of hours, but the study of what they contain could last a lifetime. Someone said that for a man or woman to understand something, he or she must think, sense, and feel it. To think about Tai Chi is not enough. Merely to copy what another shows you is not enough; and simply to be happy doing the movements is not enough. These activities are all quite legitimate, but they do not bring an understanding of the art. So time consumed is in itself no criterion of understanding either. A person who tries to think, sense, and feel what is studied will make greater strides and progress faster then someone who only thinks about it My twenty-five years could count for almost nothing or for a great deal. In all three books I have tried to blend some thinking, some feeling, and some insight into physical movement in the hope that readers might, so to speak, pick up the same torch and travel down a similar road. ...

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