Automatic and concealable firearms design book Volume 2

Author : Paladin Press Books
Title : Automatic and concealable firearms design book Volume 2
Year : 1979

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Firearm manufacturers today employ production techniques which can differ greatly in approach and form. Some have maintained their traditionally high production standards, while others utilize various short-cut manufacturing methods. Though such short cuts help keep prices down, too often the quality of the finished weapon will suffer as a consequence. Stamping and casting of parts, two very effective and economical fabrication methods, are employed almost universally by current arms manufacturers. Many reliable, good quality firearms are produced every day with the help of these cost-cutting measures. These techniques were originated by the Germans during World War II, and have been in use ever since. The primary purpose of this series is to familiarize gunsmiths, collectors, and law enforcement officers with improvised firearms. These volumes incorporate detailed drawings in order to teach the reader principles of automatic weapons conversions, and other mechanical aspects related to improvised weapon construction and modification. The illustrations will also enable law enforcement agents to identify and classify improvised weapons. Another purpose exists for these books as well. The editors are aware that our society may face violent turmoil sometime in the future. Should this situation occur, the individual citizen will have to depend on himself for protection of his life, family, and property. His means of protection will most likely be a firearm. If he does not have a gun, then these volumes can help him build one. They may also aid him in modifying and improving his commercial firearms, if necessary. ...

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