Laughlin Patrick R. - Group Problem Solving

Author : Laughlin Patrick R.
Title : Group Problem Solving
Year : 2011

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IN THE MOST GENERAL SENSE, a problem is a discrepancy between a current less desirable state and a future more desirable state. The current state may be a simple question such as “Who was the first President of the United States” and the desired state the answer “George Washington.” The current state may be the diameter of a circle and the desired state the circumference of the circle. The current state may be a set of clues in a crossword puzzle and the desired state the correct answers. The current state may be a new deadly contagious disease and the desired state an understanding of the etiology, vectors, treatment, and prevention of the disease. Although problems vary widely in domain (scientific, engineering, business and financial, artistic and literary, etc.), complexity (simple or complicated), specification (well defined or poorly defined), and relationship to other problems in a larger system, all problems involve proceeding by a series of permissible logical, mathematical, scientific, physical, or linguistic operations from the current less desirable state to the future more desirable state. Scientific research teams, auditing teams, grand juries, criminal and civil juries, university hiring committees, school boards, weather forecasters, the Council of Economic Advisors, and forensic art experts are some of the many groups who attempt to solve problems in our increasingly complex and interdependent world. ...

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