Meyer Stanley A. - The Birth of New Technology Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief

Author : Meyer Stanley A.
Title : The Birth of New Technology Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief Explaining the Hydrogen Fracturing Process on how to use water asa new fuel-source " Meets All Energy Needs "
Year : 1995

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Stanley A. Meyer, a businessman and free-lance inventor, lives in Grove City, Ohio. His scientific and engineering background covers many fields of endeavors: Hean Monitors for the medical profession, the Validator System System for the banking institution, the Nivax and Actar System for the oceanography field, and the "EBED" concept for Star Wars, to mention a few. And, now, Mr. Meyer has developed the Water Fuel Cell technology to help solve the energy crisis. Many energy patents have been granted to him over the years. Stanley A. Meyer founded and served as chairman of several high technology business and cosponsored other business activities in the international market place. While continuing to set up Water Fuel Cell business entity and inventing, Stanley A. Meyer has begun working on a book entitled "With the Lord, There is Purpose" describing his "faith-walk" with the Lord to fulfill end-time prophecy. He continues his speaking engagements throughout the world. Recipient A wards of Merit: 1990 - Who's Who of American Inventors 1991 - 1992 Who's Who Of Entrepreneurs U.S.A. 1992 - Who's Who of American Inventors 1993- Who's Who of American Inventors of the Year Award 1994- Who's Who of American Inventors Publications of Authorship Raum & zeit: U.S.: Vol. 2 No.1, 1990; Vo13 No.4, 1992 Raum & zeit: Europe: 9 Jahrgang Nr 44; 9 Jahrgang Nr 48; 9 Jahrgang Nr 50 Explore: U.S.: Vol 3 No.4, 1992; Vol 4 No.2, 1993 Speaker of Request: 1989 SAFE International Congress for Free Energy, Einsiedeln, Switzerland 1990 International Extraordinary Science, Colorado Springs, Colorado 1991 International Global Clean Energy Congress, Geneva, Switzerland 1991 International Clobal Science Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida 1993 International Symposium on New Energy, Denver, Colorado 1994 International Solar Expo 94, Ukiah, California ...

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