Meyer Stanley A. - Resonant Electrolysis Cell System

Author : Meyer Stanley A.
Title : Resonant Electrolysis Cell System
Year : 2007

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Introduction by MDG nov 07: Stanley MEYER is the most famous inventor in the 'Super-efficient Electrolysis' field, and many took inspiration from his work. His original Electrolysis Concept was able to produce many times as much hydrogen gas as permits the Faraday's Law of electrolysis, and the Law of Conservation of Energy, then he brought it up to a still un-understood high level he called 'Thermal Explosive Energy'. We can say that he was at least 50 years in advance of his time ... The evidence, then, is that his concept of electrolysis is tapping in another source of energy, not 'recognized' yet in the classical physics, that must be in another dimension, outside our three dimensions, and it must be a non thermic form of energy, because Stan Cell is not producing heat while electrolyzing. There is still not a complete concensus of the Experts in Zero Point Energy, Peter Lindermann, John Bedini, Thomas Bearden, Moray King, Allan Sterling and many others, on HOW Stanley Meyer was catching this ZPE. May be he was using Radiant Energy High Voltage Pulses (Back Electro Motive Force) to charge his Capacitor/Cell (two Stainless Steel pipes isolated by a fine layer of pure water as strong dielectric) almost without current, until the breakdown level of the water layer was reached, at which moment the accumulated voltage in the capacitor would be converted to amperes that would split the water molecules, realising the hydrogen and oxygen, and the power supply sensor would cut the input pulses, to stop any current flowing from the source. After all the electricity stored in this capacitor/cell would be used, the water would take place again between the two ss tubes, reforming the insulating layer, the power supply sensor would send again power for a new cycle of charging the capacitor/cell to its dielectric breakdown level ... Electrolysis would be done with 'Pure Voltage Potential' and almost no Amperes (current). See below the Peter Lindermann explanation. Radiant Pulses can be created by sending unidirectional (that's may be why Stan had a rectifying diode in his circuit) short pulses in a coil/choke, they are called also Back EMF, and are of a many times higher voltage level compared to the original pulses sent. Tesla, Gray, Moray, Bedini, Bearden and many others are using this technical trick to distrub the Vacuum Energy Field and organize and collect the ZPE to do 'free' electric work in their apparatus. Perhaps Stan Meyer did the same, and this web page is a collection of information I found on the fantastic internet, that should make it as clear as possible to understand. About the successful suppressed replications done by Dave Lawton and Mr. Ravi from India, the calculations of their efficiency give around 200-600% (400 for Lawton, 600 for Ravi, see 'replicas' page) of the theoretical Faraday maximum, while Stan Meyer was at 1,700%, 17 times the Farady's maximum (Meyer interview, Channel 4, UK, 17 dec. 1995). Perhaps we need to step up the original pulses to an higher voltage, a few thousands volts at least, and then only we send this high voltage pulses in a coil/choke or Tesla/Bedini bifilar coil (1 to 1 ratio, see below why) to obtain consequent high back EMF Radiant Energy pulses to charge the capacitor/cell to the voltage breakdown level of the water layer between the electrode pipes (in the tens of thousands volts, Stan stipulated using 20.000 Volts in his 'memo1' (see below)). Or may be Stan Meyer is not even using back EMF Radiant Spikes for its superefficient electrolysis, but just direct unidirectional high voltage pulses to charge the capacitor/cell up to its breakdown limit, through the help of the chokes ; quote: 'the resonant chokes being specifically to damp the voltage spikes that could prematurally set this thing off' from Peter Lindermann video, see below. In this case it could be the very short pulses that would trigger a Radiant Effect in the capacitor/cell itself, increasing the value of the original pulses, like Bedini explained about his Simplified School Girl (SSG) circuit: there is a Radiant Effect in the coil by the reaction to the pulse sent, this creates a Back EMF, when the electromagnetic field collapses abruptly in the coil, AND there is also a Radiant Effect when the Back EMF pulse hits the battery electrodes, and this one is also present when we use a capacitor in place of a battery, like in his Window Coil Motor. Another possibility is that Stan Meyer didn't revealed in the patent that he actually did connect his 2 chokes in a bifilar configuration (Tesla/Bedini coil), and then that's where he was creating the Radiant Energy Spikes ... see article below. Actually Stanley Meyer explained is super-efficient electrolysis with the electron movement and exchange between water molecules/atoms themselves, induced by the high voltage field accumulated between the electrodes, and bringing the water molecules to split (see below his 'memo1'), contrary to standard electrolysis where that exchange of electrons is effectued between the water molecules and electrodes. That was not accepted at the time he lived, but it has been recently scientificaly confirmed, in 2005, by NAOHIRO SHIMUZU et al., that the use of ultra-short pules can create a 'new form' of electrolysis, and with a better efficiency, but still inferior to the Faraday limits. ...

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