Carson Jake - Social Chaos Survival Guide

Author : Carson Jake
Title : Social Chaos Survival Guide
Year : 2004

Link download :

Police State, USA. Since you purchased this manual with an eye toward protecting yourself should any of a number of "unthinkable" events happen to you and your family, I know I don't have to sell you on the great potential for disaster in our modem age. Nevertheless, a few points are in order before we venture into the nitty gritty howto of the following chapters. Probably the most important point is that the best gear you can have is already sitting between your ears. People often forget this and try to get help when they should be engaged in some do-it-yourself, lift-yourselfup- by-your-own-bootstraps work. While it's good to have emergency workers, neighbors, and friends to fall back on, you need to avoid the "victim" mentality that our culture and government have indoctrinated us with. Sometimes emergencies happen when the police, medical help, or what-have-you can't get there in time to help. In such a do-or-die situation, you'd better be ready to help yourself or at least die trying, rather than going to the great beyond with a pitiful whimper. The Chinese have an old curse which, loosely translated, is: May you live in interesting times. We have been so cursed. The attacks of September II, 200 I were shocking and horrifically destructive. But they could have been worse. Much worse. Future terrorist attacks may employ nuclear or biological weapons that could spread death, destruction, fear, and panic throughout America. Embattled CIA Director George Tenet testified to Congress in 2004 that Osama bin Laden's AI Qaeda terrorist network has regrouped since 9-11. According to Tenet, terrorists are plotting a "spectacular" attack on the United States. Tenet believes that, based on interrogations with captured Al Qaeda henchmen, a biological attack is the most immediate danger Terrorists may launch attacks on the U.S. designed to coincide with and distort the outcome ofa major political event (such as the presidential election in November 2004). On March 11,2004, on the eve of Spain's national election, Islamic militants bombed Madrid passenger trains, killing nearly 200 people. In the aftermath, frightened Spanish voters threw out the pro-U.S. ruling party (which had been expected to retain power). It was a victory for the terrorists. The highly respected Strafor Intelligence Report projects that sometime before the November 2004 elections in the United States, terrorists are likely to attack - as a means of removing George W. Bush from office. ...

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