Van Der Bie Guus - Der Merkurstab Coronary heart diseases

Author : Van Der Bie Guus
Title : Der Merkurstab Coronary heart diseases
Year : 2006

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Abstract. The organogenesis of the heart begins at the end of the third week and takes c. 35 days, with functional maturity achieved only with the separation of venous and arterial circulation at birth. Coronary development starts at the angiogenic vascular plexus in the region of the interventricular and atrioventricular grooves. Nutrition for the heart is initially by diffusion, with a coronary circulation established at about the 44th day.The involvement of the four levels of existence can be seen in the way the coronary circulation develops. Special aspects of cardiac embryology are: first primitive organ; only extraembryonic primordium; primary cavity development instead of invagination.The development of the heart relates to that of the placenta.The latter may be considered a prenatal heart (mediation between maternal and fetal blood) which leaves behind the process organization for the postnatal heart (mediation between upper and lower human being, internal and external world).The gesture of the coronary blood in embryonic development is one of enveloping intracavitary blood in terms of the blood meeting itself-looking around you as you look within yourself. ...

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