Valizadeh Daryush - Bang Estonia

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Bang Estonia
Year : 2012

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Welcome To Estonia. The first time I heard of Estonia was when eBay bought Skype, a company that was invented by Estonians. Stories I would later read portrayed Estonia as a little country with fast Internet access and a strong technology industry. I didn’t have the slightest clue about its women until I went to Denmark in the beginning of 2011. My Danish roommate in Copenhagen was a fan of Couchsurfing, a site where other travelers can ask to crash for free on his couch. Two Estonian girls contacted him and he agreed to let them stay. They were going on a one-week trip to Denmark and Sweden and were using Couchsurfing as a way to save money. Both were petite and pretty (unlike Danish girls) and also fluent in English. I connected with one in particular, and for our only night together I realized that going to Estonia would mean meeting many more girls just like her. Seven months later, it would mostly mean many more nights specifically with her. Estonia wasn’t on the map for me before I met her, but she was so sweet and fun that I completely changed my plans in order to explore the Baltics, which included Latvia and Lithuania. I don’t regret that decision at all, but unfortunately I was a little too late to the party. It turns out that foreigners had already ravaged the Baltics and left women wary and guarded. ...

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