The Juggler Method

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Title : The Juggler Method Seduction manual Conversational Jujitsu
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Juggler’s Method. Open with anything. It can be opinion or a situation or introducing yourself or even bleeding on people. In dynamic situation (store and moving people) a situational opener tends to work well. But in clubs or static situations I like to just introduce myself. The key is not the opener. The opener does not matter much. The key is how you handle the response. The method is amplifying and using responses. You want to gain the skill to read and use a wider range of responses – that’s fun flexible and makes real connections. Using routines as openers or anywhere does not give you much opportunity to use a wide range of responses. The very point of a routine is to elicit a specific 'good' response - that's boring and weak. The method is not to worry so much about getting deep but to get wide rapport (a feeling like you can talk about anything). Again the key is including and amplifying a girl's response, no matter the response. Talking about relationships are great. But keep in mind you must talk about your relationship experience or this comes across as you are just hitting on her. Make an SOI. At all her high points (laughing, etc). This rewards her for trying and sarging you back. You do not arrange a meeting. You either instant date or both of you admit you are really into each other. Then if you want to get together later it is a matter of just taking care of the details. The real business is in her agreeing that she is into you. But really this is not a method. There are no stages or steps. There is no transition. It should not be thought of as a tool to achieve a result. It is a way. It is a place you should achieve and stay in and bring others into. The things like SOI at her high points or gaining the skill to use any of her reactions or any of the other parts of the way are not tools to manipulate a result. They are ways to help her fulfill her natural human want to be in that place. Here is the Juggler way: Think about what you would want an interaction with a girl to be like if there was no need to get sex. Let's say that sex was a given. You did not need to do anything tricky or run 'game' to score. How would you like that interaction to be? Myself I want it to be fun, exciting, relaxed, playful and sharing with each other willingly. Now think about how you can make that happen. Would you use tricks or be sneaky to get a girl to be that with you? No, that would be counter productive and/or unnecessary work. You would instead lead her by being fun, relaxed, sharing, or whatever you want the interaction to be like yourself and learn to allow and encourage her to be that as well. ...

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