Richards Steve - Luck, chance and coincidence

Author : Richards Steve
Title : Luck, chance and coincidence The mysterious power of luck-and how to make yours better
Year : 1985

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The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son. Trivial events can have the most astonishing consequences. Pascal is said to have remarked once that if Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, that alone would have changed the history of the world. That may seem an exaggeration, but trivial events do shape history - a fact that has fascinated historians as far back as Livy. Golda Meir’s father was a Russian Jew who lived in the Tsarist empire before the Revolution, and who was moved by the intolerable anti-Semitism that existed there to emigrate to America. Ultimately, he settled in Minnesota and sent for his family to join him. Now this man was important to himself and to his family but he was one of those simple folk whose doings tend not to be of great importance to the world at large. Yet, had he not decided to change addresses, the most monumental consequences would have ensued. His daughter received private tutoring in Russia, but it was not customary then for Russian girls to receive a formal education. Had she not received an advanced education it is conceivable that she might never have become a power in the Zionist movement, and had that not happened, she might never have become Prime Minister of the State of Israel. One could argue that the private decisions of a Russian carpenter literally changed the fate of the Arab world. ...

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