Payne Lew - Sensual Access

Author : Payne Lew
Title : Sensual Access The high tech guide to seducing women using your home computer
Year : 2001

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The concepts and suggestions in this book are based on the psychological principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In a nutshell, it teaches you that feelings and emotions are generated by mental processes people go through. When you feel love of, attraction to someone, you have gone through a set of mental processes which made you feel that way, An interesting thing about NLP is that you can recreate specific feelings in someone by describing that process to them in detail. As you do so, they naturally access the experience you're describing to them, and along with it come all the feelings they had during that experience. This gives you the ability to produce repeatable results as far as making people feel the way you want them to. Perhaps you can recall a time when a woman was attracted to you, and you didn't quite understand why or how it came about. What would it be like to discover the formula for attracting women, and having the flexibility to apply that formula under any set of circumstances ... pretty strong feeling, isn't it? One of the things NLP will allow is for you to elicit a woman's criteria, which 'is like a roadmap to whatever emotional states you want her to experience. Armed with that roadmap. you can follow the road that leads to emotional bliss, having her fall madly in love with you if you so desire. To use this book effectively, you first need to master the foundation and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I cannot teach that here, as entire volumes have been written just on that subject. However, since you find yourself wanting to have a solid understanding of the principles behind this book, you're going to be compelled to learn more about these principles, as I have. I first became interested in NLP after attending a short seminar by Ross Jeffries on Speed Seduction. The concept fascinated me, and as a result I went out into the real world to practice the little that I knew. I was caught by surprise by how well his principles worked, and this was despite the fact that I had only scratched the surface of what there was to know about the subject. As a result, I took his weekend "Secrets of Speed Seduction'' seminar, and learned a lot more about the subject. I strongly recommend that you gain a solid understanding of the principles of Speed Seduction before you attempt what's in this book. It's important you learn how to adapt these principles to the situation and circumstances you encounter, rather than memorizing the limited examples I give you. Basically, while I can show you what my actions were given a certain set of circumstances, I cannot teach you how I formulated my plan. As you find yourself wanting to formulate your own plan, you will realize that the following materials are going to change your life. ...

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