Northcote Thomas W. - Crystal gazing

Author : Northcote Thomas W.
Title : Crystal gazing Its history and practice, with a discussion of the evidence for telepathic Scrying
Year : 1905

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Introduction. "Do you believe in crystal gazing?" is a question which one is often asked. One can only reply : "What do you mean by believing in crystal gazing ? If you mean, Do I believe that it is worth while to pay half-a-crown, or a guinea, as a fee to a person who professes to discover by crystal gazing the whereabouts of lost property, or of a missing friend, or to foretell events ? - I do not 'believe in crystal gazing.' One hears wonderful tales of successes in this kind, but not at first-hand; and the people who tell them are not very critical, while the practises are, to begin with, breaking the law. But if the question means, Do I believe that some people have the faculty of seeing faces, places, persons in motion, sometimes recognisable, in a glass ball, or in water, ink, or any clear deep ? ...

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