Moxon Steve - The woman racket

Author : Moxon Steve
Title : The woman racket Te new science explaining how the sexes relate at work, at play and in society
Year : 2008

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Foreword. If, like me, you turn to the very end of a book frst, then you’ll see that this one has been a full decade in the making It’s not a follow-up to my account of another racket that I encountered when working for the Home Ofce Tat racket concerned immigration - the book being Te Great Immigration Scandal - and my revelations led to the resignation of the government minister in charge, Beverley Hughes Te present book concerns a much bigger problem - in part a political scandal in which the Home Ofce is very much involved - but that‘s just a coincidence And essentially this is more a popular science book than another exposé When I blew the whistle on the immigration scandal some four years ago, it provoked the predictable ‘shoot the messenger’ response from government and much of the ‘liberal’ media However, within months - and certainly by the summer of 2006 (when the Home Ofce spectacularly imploded) - Te Great Immigration Scandal was seen as somewhat prescient If anything the problems were understated Te stories streaming out of the Home Ofce and from our so-called national ‘borders’ competed for the top prize in the ‘youcouldn‘t-make-it-up’ stakes Was this just a case of beginner’s luck ? Does foresight in one area mean that my arguments in another, unrelated, area should be taken any more seriously ? In fact these matters are not unconnected Tey are both similar facets of ‘political correctness’ (PC); albeit that how the sexes relate is important in a more perennial way than recent trends in migration My decade of research into men-women helped me to see the wider damage caused by PC in the part of the Home Ofce where I was working Te Great Immigration Scandal was a hot-off-the press affair : it had to be out in the shops as soon as possible after the Home Ofce ofcially parted company with me By contrast, I’ve had plenty of time to get this one right. ...

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