Montaigue Erle - Baguazhang Volume 2

Author : Montaigue Erle
Title : Baguazhang The Complete System Volume 2 Linear fighting form
Year : 2004

Link download :

Chapter 9. Introduction : Baguazhang, is said to be the sister of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, the mother of the three 'internal systems'. It is one of the newest Chinese healing/martial arts of the internal system and contains the very best of the Shaolin Martial arts as well as the very best of the Buddhism or Taoism fighting arts. Its intricacies are great and one is able to continually discover new techniques from within the complex postures and movements which go together to build the framework which we call the Baguazhang form or kata. Invented by one man, the form has been slowly added to and taken away from until we have come to a highly evolved form of healing or self-defence which only relies upon the palms and feet for attack and defence. With mainly circular foot movement, the form lays stress upon the stability of the stance and the flexibility of the waist which is complimented by the vigorous movements of the arms and palms while always being coordinated in legs, waist and upper body. Bagua is said to have the fastest footwork of any martial art. Throughout this book, I will be making mention of "dim-Mak" or death point striking and some points used in this art. Baguazhang is a dim-Mak art. I suggest that you get a copy of my encyclopaedia "The Erle Montaigue Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak" available from the publisher of this book, Paladin Press in Boulder Colorado in the USA. Dim-Mak literally means "Death Point Striking" whereby the practitioner is taught to strike to either one, or multiples of dim-Mak points in the human body causing effects that range from a simple knock out to maiming and death, or even effects that manifest many years from when the strike was felt. Every movement in Baguazhang has a meaning and is aimed at the dim-Mak points. Bagua is often referred to as "the art of overkill". ...

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