Meyer Stanley Allen - Water Fuel Cell International News Release

Author : Meyer Stanley Allen
Title : Water Fuel Cell International News Release
Year : 1996

Link download :

World opens up to Water Fuel Cell. WFC is starting to receive International prominence. An English television broadcasting company, INCA visited WFC in late October 1995. Doing a production for Channel 4, London, their purpose was to highlight Water Fuel Cell in a program entitled "It Runs on Water". Though three technologies were shown, only WFC "Used Water as Fuel" ®. Arthur C. Clarke, the noted futuroligist was the commentator. The overall theme was very positive. Of particular importance was the focus on Zero Point Energy or Universal Energy, the energy that exists between all atoms. It was stated that the energy output from the Water Fuel Cell seemed like it was tapping into this energy... a technological break through of monumental importance. ...

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