Meyer Stanley Allen - Les brevets de Stanley Meyer

Auteur : Meyer Stanley Allen
Ouvrage : Les brevets de Stanley Meyer
Année : 2008

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Abstract of EP0111573. Process and apparatus for dissociating the hydrogen atoms of a water molecule by electrical force. Particularly, the separation of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the water molecule by the application of a non-regulated, non-filtered, low-power, direct current voltage electrical potential (30) applied to two non-oxidizing similar metal plates (60) having water passing therebetween. The direct current voltage may be continuous, but the sub-atomic action is enchanced by pulsing the non-regulated and non-filtered direct current voltage. The apparatus comprises constructional configurations and there is disclosed alternative embodiments for segregating the generated hydrogen gas from the oxygen gas. The water need not be pure and may contain contaminents. The release of the hydrogen (38) and oxygen (39) atoms causes the contaminents (41, 54, 32) to fall away, thereby enabling the system to be utilized in a liquid slurry removal system. Alternatively, the recombining of the hydrogen and oxygen would give pure water. ...

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