Kawaishi Mikinosuke - My method of self-defense

Author : Kawaishi Mikinosuke
Title : My method of self-defense
Year : 1957

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Translator's preface. MIKONOSUKE KAWAISHI, 7th Dan, Technical Director of the French Federation of Judo, will already be known to countless English judoka through his standard work entitled My Method of judo, the original French text of which I was privileged to translate and edit some time ago. Now in another valuable work entitled My Method of Self-Defence the same author has placed under a great obligation not only judoka but members of the general public of both sexes, to acquire a repertoire of self-defensive tactics calculated to serve them in good stead in the unfortunate but by no means unlikely event of their being exposed to savage assault by the thugs and plug-uglies who in this lawless and predatory age adhere to the simple plan, that "they should take who have the power and they should keep who can." On the other hand, with the spread among the law-abiding public of knowledge of Mr. Kawaishi's system of self-defence we may hope to witness a steady decrease in the number of these street incidents. Moreover the citizen's greater ability to defend himself against some sudden onslaught would discourage the criminal elements from risking their own carcasses in such hazardous attacks. In my version of the author's original text I have been at special pains to select what seem to me to be the most effective and practical defences and counter-attacks under the various heads which go to make up the system as a whole. And in this connexion I would call the reader's special attention to the second and last part of the book which deals with the so-called Atemi-waza or methods of attacking vulnerable points, often vital spots (kyusho) in the human body with the hand, elbow, head and foot respectively. In my opinion it is hardly too much to say that in many ways Mr. Kawaishi's exposition of this dangerous branch of the arts of ju-jutsu and judo is the most comprehensive so far available in any European language. Visually the preliminary diagrams of the human body and separately of hands and feet enormously facilitate the reader's task of understanding and learning to apply the subsequent techniques in all their deadly efficacy. And since atemi blows with head, hand, elbow, knees and feet (heels and toes) form an integral part of many of the self-defensive methods described, I would impress upon the reader that every effort should be made to master this branch of the art, even though he may not have enough leisure to undergo regular training in judo upon whose principles Mr. Kawaishi's system of self-defence is largely based. His ability in a flash to*complete the appropriate defence with an atemi which will, if necessary, give the assailant his quietus "for the duration" cannot but strengthen his self-confidence. And while he will be well advised to heed the author's warning that many of these defences, counter holds and atemi are dangerous and may be mortal, yet should the malevolence and suddenness of attack leave him with scant time for nice discrimination in his choice of riposte, he will be morally justified in not unduly worrying himself over the issue of the argument. I have great pleasure in commending Mr. Kawaishi's important book to future readers. E.J.H.. ...

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