Henderson Scott - Jazz guitar Chord system

Author : Henderson Scott
Title : Jazz guitar Chord The essential guide to jazz chord voicings & substitutions
Year : 1999

Link download :

Introduction. Hi. Thanks a lot for checking out this book. I think it will help you in your study of harmony and chord voicings on the guitar. With practice, this material can help you develop a more advanced harmonic vocabulary for accompaniment, composing, and chord-melody playing. I' ll go into more detail about the voicings on the following pages, but first I would like to explain the reason I developed this system. It seems that whenever I see a chord manual, it's about an inch thick and filled with voicings that repeat many times throughout the book. Why ? Because just about every chord can function as one or more other chords depending on which note is considered to be the root. So I decided to write a concise, easy-to-read chord book that clearly shows the possible uses of each voicing ... and it's only sixteen pages long. If you're wondering how to proceed through this book (it's short, but there's a lot to it!), first read through the opening pages; this material explains how I developed my chord system, how the voicings work, and some specific ways that you can apply them. Then, feel free to just start exploring the voicings. ...

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