Guide to individual tactical readiness Level 1

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Title : Guide to individual tactical readiness Level 1
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Introduction. This guide was developed after much discussion and field experimentation. Many hours were spent arguing over what to consider "necessary", and to what degree of skill militia persons should aspire. This guide is for the completely uninitiated, though others will also find it useful. It is by no means all-inclusive. There will be many items left out that you may personally feel are absolutely necessary, and there may be skills left out that you may believe to be absolutely essential as well. If you don't like this one, then write your own damn guide. This guide is for beginners. We'll explain what we're doing here. Take your average American, and thrust him into a position where he/she must defend his/her way of life against an ever encroaching globalist government, or any other threat or emergency. To what degree should he train? What kind of gear should he have? Add to these the facts that he is working a steady job, has a great deal of family commitments, and would still like to see a hockey game or a movie now and then. You will find that he has very little time to train, very little money to spend on gear, and very little energy left to pursue the causes of freedom. That's a fairly decent picture of your average militia person today. Only the most determined dedication can overcome these obstacles. So we have developed this guide, in the hopes that it will help smooth over the rough road to readiness. Perhaps with this minimal direction that we have set forth, a few more motivated patriots will now seek to develop the skills necessary to defend our great Republic. ...

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