Gisslen Wayne - Professional baking

Author : Gisslen Wayne
Title : Professional baking
Year : 2005

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Preface. EACH NEW EDITION of Professional Baking is released into a world of growing interest in fi ne baking. The rebirth of artisan baking was well underway when the previous edition was published, and this interest has been flourishing ever since. Professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs and even some consumers are looking for more detailed information about the technical aspects of baking. At the same time, related concerns, such as those about food allergies, diet, and health, are having a noticeable impact on the art and science of baking and pastry making. Professional Baking, which has been a widely used resource and teaching tool for tens of thousands of students since it was fi rst published, likewise continues to grow and change with the industry. This Sixth Edition incorporates a wealth of new material designed to help both the beginning baker and the experienced professional meet the demands of this dynamic environment. Even with these developments, however, the focus of the text remains, as it always has, on a solid grounding in the basics, presented in a straightforward and easy-to-grasp style. ...

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