Brunton Finn - Nissenbaum Helen - Obfuscation

Authors : Brunton Finn - Nissenbaum Helen
Title : Obfuscation A user's guide for privacy and protest
Year : 2015

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Introduction. We mean to start a revolution with this book. But not a big revolution-at least, not at first. Our revolution does not rely on sweeping reforms, on a comprehensive Year Zero reinvention of society, or on the seamless and perfectly uniform adoption of a new technology. It is built on preexisting componentswhat a philosopher would call tools ready-to-hand, what an engineer would call commodity hardware-that are available in everyday life, in movies, in software, in murder mysteries, and even in the animal kingdom. Although its lexicon of methods can be, and has been, taken up by tyrants, authoritarians, and secret police, our revolution is especially suited for use by the small players, the humble, the stuck, those not in a position to decline or opt out or exert control over our data emanations. The focus of our limited revolution is on mitigating and defeating present-day digital surveillance. We will add concepts and techniques to the existing and expanding toolkit for evasion, noncompliance, outright refusal, deliberate sabotage, and use according to ourterms of service. Depending on the adversary, the goals, and the resources, we provide methods for disappearance, for time-wasting and analysisfrustrating, for prankish disobedience, for collective protest, for acts of individual redress both great and small. We draw an outline around a whole domain of both established and emerging instances that share a common approach we can generalize and build into policies, software, and action. This outline is the banner under which our big little revolution rides, and the space it defines is called obfuscation. ...

21 lectures

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