Hill Napoleon - Think & Grow Rich

Author : Hill Napoleon
Title : Think & Grow Rich The 21st-Century Edition
Year : 1953

Link download :

This special edition of Think and Grow Rich is a book that is meant to be worked in. It is designed specifically so you can make notes in the margins and we have intentionally had the type set so that the lines are far enough apart to make it easy for you to underline the ideas and phrases that catch your attention. When an idea flashes into your mind, when you suddenly "get it," the concept always seems so clear that you're sure you'll be able to remember it later. However, when something comes to you like that, it's usually because a number of bits and pieces have suddenly fallen into place in just the right way. Unfortunately, the feeling of the moment that made the idea happen is hard to hold on to ... and even harder to recall. Insights that flash into your consciousness can fade quickly if you dont write down something to capture that fleeting feeling of "ahah!" The editors of this edition strongly urge you to use the spaces provided to write down key words and reminders that you can use later to trigger your memory. Our hope is that you will make this your own personalized version of Think and Grow Rich. When you have finished working your way through this book it should be filled with notes to yourself. it should point out the passages you find particularly relevant to your life, and it should be a record of your personal progress that you can go back and refer to at those times when you can't quite recall what it was that got you so motivated and inspired. ...

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