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Friday, May 17 2013

Austin John - Mini weapons of mass destruction

Author : Austin John Title : Mini weapons of mass destruction Build implements of spitball warfare Year : 2009 Link download : Austin_John_-_Mini_weapons_of_mass_destruction.zip MiniWeapons of Mass Destruction is a humorous, MacGyver-inspired tactical guide that illustrates the full potential of  […]

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Tuesday, June 5 2012

De Las Casas Dianne - Tell Along Tales

Author : De Las Casas Dianne Title : Tell Along Tales Playing with participation stories Year : 2011 Link download : De_Las_Casas_Dianne_-_Tell_Along_Tales.zip I love connecting with my audience in a special way. For me, that way has been audience participation. It’s so much fun to see the audience  […]

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