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vendredi, juillet 13 2018

Styers John - Bowie knife fighting

Author : Styers John Title : Bowie knife fighting Year : 19** Link download : The sight of sharp, cold steel in your enemy’s hand is not a pleasant sight. Knife fighting is an ugly business; it means steel; then steel against flesh - and death. Let’s take a  […]

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jeudi, juillet 12 2018

Doijode S. D. - Seed storage of horticultural crops

Author : Doijode S. D. Title : Seed storage of horticultural crops Year : 2001 Link download : About the author. S. D. Doijode, PhD, is an eminent horticulturalist who has worked on seed storage for 20 years at the Indian Institute of  […]

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mercredi, juillet 11 2018

Brunton Finn - Nissenbaum Helen - Obfuscation

Authors : Brunton Finn - Nissenbaum Helen Title : Obfuscation A user's guide for privacy and protest Year : 2015 Link download : Introduction. We mean to start a revolution with this book. But not a big revolution-at least, not at first. Our  […]

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Hafner Katie - Markoff John - Cyberpunk

Authors : Hafner Katie - Markoff John Title : Cyberpunk Outlaws and hackers on the computer frontier Year : 1995 Link download : Introduction. We set out to investigate a computer un'derground that is the real-life version of cyberpunk, science fiction  […]

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Tepe Emily - The edible landscape

Author : Tepe Emily Title : The edible landscape Creating a beautiful and bountiful garden with vegetables, fruits and flowers Year : 2013 Link download : Preface. Food, gardens, and a creative spirit. I’ll tell you right now, I am not a landscape designer. In  […]

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