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jeudi, février 1 2018

Rosen Richard - Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals

Author : Rosen Richard Title : Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals Year : 2013 Link download : Introduction. I Take Refuge in the Breath. I take refuge in the breath. Breath is all this, whatever there is, and all that ever will be. I take refuge  […]

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Rosen Richard - Original Yoga

Author : Rosen Richard Title : Original Yoga Rediscovering traditional practices of Hatha Yoga Year : 2012 Link download : Introduction. The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things LET ME BEGIN by saying something about what I mean by “original yoga.” Your immediate  […]

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samedi, janvier 27 2018

Fiennes Maya - Yoga for real life

Author : Fiennes Maya Title : Yoga for real life Year : 2010 Link download : Introduction. What is Kundalini yoga ? ...  […]

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vendredi, janvier 26 2018

Clennell Boddy - The woman's Yoga book

Author : Clennell Boddy Title : The woman's Yoga book Year : 2007 Link download : The popularity of Yoga is increasing day by day, and it is delights my heart that many more people are embracing Yoga today, as compared to the past. ...  […]

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Asher Philippa - Ashtanga Yoga Asana practise sheets

Author : Asher Philippa Title : Ashtanga Yoga Asana practise sheets Part 1 : suryanamaskaras, standing sequence, primary series, backbends, finishing sequence Year : 2015 Link download : Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. Said to have been first  […]

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lundi, janvier 22 2018

Frawley David - Yoga for your type

Author : Frawley David Title : Yoga for your type Year : 2003 Link download : An ayurvedic approach to your Asan practice. ...  […]

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Frawley David - The Yoga of herbs

Author : Frawley David Title : The Yoga of herbs An ayurvedic guide to herbal medicine Year : 1986 Link download : Preface. The term “yoga” has many traditional meanings. In Ayurveda, the medical science of India, yoga refers to the “right usage” and “right  […]

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dimanche, janvier 21 2018

Frawley David - Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda

Author : Frawley David Title : Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda The power of rejuvenation and immortality Year : 2012 Link download : Foreword. By this praise unto thee, O Soma, May we enter the secret caves of intuitive wisdoms; Do reveal unto us the  […]

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Frawley David - Mantra Yoga and primal sound

Author : Frawley David Title : Mantra Yoga and primal sound Secrets of Seed (Bija) Mantras Year : 2010 Link download : Foreword. Dr. David Frawley, Pandit Vamadeva Shastri, is a modern Renaissance man for Eastern mystical studies. If one is  […]

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Frawley David - Inner Tantric Yoga

Author : Frawley David Title : Inner Tantric Yoga Working with the universal Shakti secrets of Mantras, deities and meditation Year : 2008 Link download : Foreword. Yoga is such a big part of Western culture these days that most of us believe we're already  […]

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