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samedi, avril 28 2018

Kil Yong Sup - Competitive Taekwondo

Author : Kil Yong Sup Title : Competitive Taekwondo Championship techniques and training Year : 2006 Link download : Foreword. Taekwondo is a growing martial art all over the world. Its increasing popularity is evidenced by the 60 million students of this  […]

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dimanche, février 26 2017

Taekwondo technical terminology

Author : Kukkiwon Title : Taekwondo technical terminology Year : 2012 Link download : Preface. Commemorating the publication of Taekwondo Terminology... March 1, 2012. Dear Members of the Taekwondo Family. Since the Kukkiwon was founded in 1973, the Taekwondo  […]

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mardi, décembre 27 2016

Kim Sang H. - Complete kicking

Author : Kim Sang H. Title : Complete kicking The ultimate guide to kicks for Martial Arts Self-defense & Combat Sports Year : 2009 Link download : Introduction. Kicking is for every fighter. It’s powerful, fast, and deadly. Regardless of martial art style, the  […]

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samedi, juillet 11 2015

Choi Hong Hi - Tae Kwon Do teaching manual

Author : Choi Hong Hi Title : Tae Kwon Do teaching manual Year : 19** Link download : This book was preserved through the graciousness of WTF Master Nathan Doggett, a Kukki Taekwondo black belt instructor from Michigan, USA. Master Doggett saw fit to  […]

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vendredi, juillet 10 2015

Republic of Korea Army Taekwon-Do manual

Auteur : Korea Army Ouvrage : Republic of Korea Army Taekwon-Do manual Année : 1966 Lien de téléchargement : S T 28 - 1. 1966. 7. 1. ...  […]

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dimanche, mars 30 2014

Règles des compétitions Poom See de la World Taekwondo Federation et interprétations

Auteur : Ouvrage : Règles des compétitions Poom See de la World Taekwondo Federation et interprétations Année : 2014 Lien de téléchargement : En vigueur à compter du 1er janvier  […]

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mercredi, décembre 4 2013

US Army - Hand-to-hand fighting

Author : US Army Title : Hand-to-hand fighting Year : 2003 Link download : Preface. One of the major goals of special forces training is the development and maintenance of skills required to insure maximum chance of survival and mission accomplishment. ...  […]

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jeudi, juillet 25 2013

Kuk Ki Won-WTF illustrated Tae Kwon Do Basics

Author : Kim Sang H. Title : Kuk Ki Won-WTF illustrated Tae Kwon Do Basics Year : 2001 Link download : Applicable parts of the body. Parts of attack and defense in body. Jumeok (fist). ...  […]

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Kim Sang H. - Taekwondo step sparring

Author : Kim Sang H. Title : Taekwondo step sparring Year : 2010 Link download : What is Step Sparring ? Step sparring is a form of drill training used by Taekwondo students to practice and perfect basic stances, blocks, strikes and kicks with a partner. It  […]

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Kemerly Tony - Snyder Steve - Taekwondo grappling techniques

Authors : Kemerly Tony - Snyder Steve Title : Taekwondo grappling techniques Hone your competitive edge for mixed martial arts Year : 2009 Link download : Taekwondo’s History as a Foundation for its Grappling Techniques. The history  […]

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