Wong Douglas - Shaolin fighting

Author : Wong Douglas L.
Title : Shaolin fighting Theories & concept
Year : 1982

Link download : Wong_Douglas_-_Shaolin_fighting.zip

In this second book, "Shaolin Fighting Theories and Concepts," we will explore the many facets involved in Kung Fu. From the beginning stages of saluting to the advanced exercises used on the Kung Fu training equipment. The chapter on Chinese Ranking will explain to the layman how respect is shown to each person through name rather than color ranking. Chinese salutation will show some of the more popular gestures used in today's Kung Fu society. The Hand Techniques will be discussed in detail. It will explain how the whole arm; from fingertip to the shoulder can be utilized into one main driving force. This will be used in conjunction with the various pressure points. The main chapters will deal with two phases of fighting. The first will discuss the Basic Fighting Theories and Ground Fighting. Ground fighting is one of the techniques most useful and effective to use on the opponent. The Advance Fighting Principles will go into detail invo lving the use of Newton's Three Law on Motion theory. It will also desc ribe a p rin ciple for attacker and defender alike. The chapler on Intern al System will describe the pathway of your breathing pattern. ...

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