Wiseman John - The SAS self-defense handbook

Author : Wiseman John
Title : The SAS self-defense handbook A complete guite to unarmed combat techniques
Year : 1997

Link download : Wiseman_John_-_The_SAS_self-defense_handbook.zip

Self-defense does not just involve learning techniques - far from it. It begins with a positive mental outlook and a few simple precautions, which will allow you to anticipate and avoid potential trouble. This knowledge will also enable you to deal with trouble when it occurs. The purpose of this book is to offer the ordinary, law-abiding citizen a series of tested and tried techniques, which will help him or her avoid becoming a victim on the streets of today's urban jungles. Around 90 per cent of successful self-defense is to do with avoiding violence. The remaining 10 per cent depends on using physical action to combat the attacker. We shall be dealing with some defensive fighting techniques in Section Two. Getting into a fight is easy. Avoiding a fight is the difficult part. Having said that, your own mental attitude is of paramount importance both in avoiding violence and in fighting a determined aggressor. Essentially, self-defense is keeping out of trouble, but to do that successfully you have to be aware of all the situations and circumstances in which trouble is likely to arise. ...

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